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What You Need to Know About Sexual Abuse

You should all the ware that you are an expiation and that you are special in all you do. Even though that is it you should note that some of us experience sexual abuse while growing. There are a lot of people with no clue of what sexual abuse is and so do not know if it has ever happened to them. Here are some of the things you need to learn about sexual abuse. To begin with you should know that you are more on the risk of getting sexually abused by someone you know more than a stranger. During the many cases that have been reported of sexual harassment it has been from close people who were never thought to do such a thing. It is therefore advised that you need to be very careful with the ones you spend most of your times with to make sure they do not take any advantage of you.

Secondly, you need to be aware that women of colour are highly abused. Research has shown that in a year the number of women who get abused is the ones with colour. The number three thing to be aware of is that sex offender do not wear condoms. If you consider checking on the many reported cases of rape you will notice that all of them result in pregnancies which are a clear indication that the abuser never had any condom. It is always advised that if there is any unplanned sex happening that one should use a condom so that they can be able to save themselves from getting sexual infections. Fourthly, you need to note that the damage of sexual abuse is more of mental than physical. That is because when this person is abused they will live with that thing for the rest of their lives.

You should note that the image of what happened is very clear and every time you meet the person who did that to you it becomes so difficult for you. Fifthly, you need to note that note all college sex is consensual. If you do sex unwilling then that should be classified under sexual abuse. Research has shown that most college students end up doing sex not because they wanted but because they never wanted to be a disgrace to their partners. Once you get someone who is touching you in a way that you do not like then you should know that you are been abused. It is good to conclude that all people are victims of abuse and should be extra sensitive with people around them.

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